If you haven't heard about Google Drive before then let me tell you that it is Google's latest cloud storage service which is similar to Dropbox and SkyDrive. Google is providing 5 GB of free storage space on Google Drive (which is more than 2 GB free space of Dropbox).

Also similar to Dropbox & SkyDrive you can also access your files on Google Drive from your multiple devices. Drive is accessible from any web browser at drive.google.com. Also they have already released dedicated clients for Windows, Mac and Android. An iOS app is to follow in the coming weeks and I've heard about Linux client also.

Now after reading this much if you are too eager to take testdrive of Drive then just go to drive.google.com and login with your existing Google account. They might ask you to wait few days (as they asked me ) since till date they haven't enabled Drive for all users.

To check more features of Drive click here.

God bless Dropbox, Skydrive ..... :D

Changed......They have completely changed G+'s UI. I don't know what's the need behind these changes as it was already looking cool. 

Although new changes are also cool but one of the coolest part of that changes is "Creative Kit" which allows you to edit and improve your images right there. If you haven't tried this creative kit then believe me you are missing some real cool thing. To try Creative Kit just open any image from your G+ albums and over that image you'll find Creative Kit button. Click on that and please be patience because it might take few minutes to completely load Creative Kit.  Once loaded you can start playing with it's various options. 

Few cRaZy duDes , PizZa ,Eclipse , android SDK, Burgers,few Lappies on a single round table, few CoOL LinuX systems, few windows system (also coOL but not as cool as linux;)) , CoFFee, few Android sMart Phones, LunCh Boxes, CS , one GaLaxy Tab, teMple Run, Java, teA , IpTux , savvn , IpMessenger, "Test-Test", fRuit Slice , Late nights, One iPHoNe, App enGine .......


Cruxbot for Android..... 

In one of my previous post I wrote about Cruxbot's web app. Now cruxbot is also available for android platform. So go get it from here.  And yep any suggestion and criticism about Cruxbot is most welcome any time just write it down in the form of comments...


As it's latest April fool day prank Google has released Google maps with 8-bit color block graphics. They are calling it Google Maps Quest.

To try it open Google maps and click on "Quest" box from upper right corner and you will find 8-bit version of Google Maps.....

They have also released official video of this revolutionary Product.....:P 

Here are few more pranks:

Chrome Multitask mode

and Google's latest

Really Advanced Search

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