Ever thought about Facebooking from your Linux terminal or Windows Command Prompt??? NO? Me too neither. But hats off to this man Dave Tompkins who not only thought about it but also implemented it in the form of FBCMD. It's a command line utility for Facebook. Although it sounds little weird to do Facebooking from command line, a command line/ terminal enthus would love this utility. FBCMD has covered most of the FB features.

Pipe is a Facebook app developed by a German company which allows you to securely trade files of up to 1GB size to your Facebook friends.
25 GB free cloud storage. Yeah that's what Ubuntu One's new referral scheme allows you to achieve. By default Ubuntu One gives 5 GB of free storage space but as per this new referral plan you can get (or say achieve) 500 MB of free storage by just inviting your one new user to Ubuntu One.

Now this some real interesting and out of box stuff. A peer-to-peer digital currency with no central authority. So in Bitcoin system transaction are carried out collectively by network. Want to dig deep about the system? Then take a look at this PDF. If you are getting confused by all text blah-blah then take a look at the video below.
It's good to know that in spite of being purchased by Microsoft Skype team is not biased towards other OSs. They have release Skype 4.0 for Linux with some good enhancements.

LaterBro is a simple and handy app to schedule Facebook statuses and Twitter twits. The beauty of this app is it's ease of use.

To use LaterBro go to it's home page by clicking here.

Login with your Twitter or Facebook account and you are ready to schedule your statuses and/or twits. It's simple interface is quite easy to understand.

With the release of Google Drive Google also released Google Drive clients for Windows and Mac OS. But unfortunately Linux missed the cold...:( Good news is that Google is working upon Linux client for Google Drive but why to wait for that while we are already having awesome third-party Google Drive client for Linux.

The Client Application is InSync, which is also available for Windows and Mac.
The company who make the app claim to store nothing themselves. All uploads, edits and deletions occur natively on your device and are ‘synced’ to Google Drive.

Key Features:
  • Nautilus Integration
  • Indicator Applet for management/notifications
  • Offline Docs editing
  • Multiple account support

InSync for Linux is still in Beta and it's installation is a slight tricky.
To install it follow these steps.

--> Download InSync from this link.
--> Extract it in your home folder.
--> Open a terminal and navigate to extracted folder (i.e. insync-linux-metapackage )using cd command.
--> Run this command in terminal : sudo ./insync-installer

After successful execution of above command you are ready to use InSync. For that in your terminal fire insync command.  

When you will first fire above command, the application will take you to your default browser and will ask you to login to your Google account.

Once logged in, the InSync app will ask for some permissions on your Google account. You have allow access in order use InSync.

Once you have allowed access you will be redirected to www.insynchq.com asking you to link your Google account to your machine. After that you'll find a folder named insync in your home directory. In this directory you can find all docs from your Google Drive account. You can edit them off-line and insync will auto-sync this docs with your Google Drive the next time you are online.

You'll also find indicator applet allowing you to manage InSync easily.

There are few more features in this app. Install and explore it and you'll find more.

Have you ever wanted to dislike a Facebook status? Although Facebook is not giving that option to user, I've come across a small and handy Facebook App which will allow you to update status having additional emotion along with "Like".

The app is status magic. The app will ask permission to access your basic information and to update your status on behalf of you. Don't make any assumption by app's simple look. As shown in below screen-shot you need to write your status which is "Status magic is cool" and the action button text which is "dislike" in below screen-shot. You can write whatever action you want instead of "dislike".

After that click share button and you will find the status on your timeline as show in below screen-shot. Notice the dislike button.

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