Before few day I wrote about Mongo University in article MongoUniversity: Learn MongoDB and get certified.

However learning MongoDB through Mongo University is time consuming process and needs patience. So if you want to have quick walkthrough of MongoDB then the right place is You will find online MongoShell here. In the shell type tutorial in order to start interactive tutorial of MongoDB.

Follow the steps of the interactive tutorial and within few minutes you will break the ice with MongoDB.

This post is followup post for previous post: Chrome remote desktop: A handy remote access tool

In this post we will explore one more section that you may find on home page of Chrome remote desktop add-on. That is Access your own computer from anywhere. 

You can control your desktop remotely from your Android Phone or any other android device. You may need to install Chrome remote desktop Android App in your android device from Google Play Store.

In order to configure Chrome Remote Desktop add-on in chrome follow first 5 steps from previous post: Chrome remote desktop: A handy remote access tool

"Chrome remote desktop" is remote access tool from Big G. Remote access softwares allows you to remotely access some other computer. There are several remote access softwares available in market like TeamViewer, WebEx PCNow and many more. However Chrome remote desktop is a lightweight tool using which you can remotely access some other computer using your browser itself.

So let's get started: 

One more techie post. This one is about MongoDB the most popular NoSQL database. Never heard about NoSQL? Check on wikipedia.

MongoDB is the most popular and fastest growing NoSQL database (check on ). MongoDB is document store type NoSQL database.

You may contact Big G for more details on MongoDB and NoSQL. However here is a nice article pointing out advantages and challenges of NoSQL databases.

MongoDB University is best place to learn MongoDB and also get certified for the same. They provide several courses. Check out here. And as expected all courses are free.

As mentioned on their about us page:
CloudU is a vendor-neutral curriculum designed for business owners and technical professionals who want to bolster their knowledge of the fundamentals of Cloud Computing.
CloudU program is a collaborative effort between Rackspace® Hosting and industry analysts. Rackspace is one of the leading cloud provider.
Find more about CloudU here.

It is just an informative post for those who are interested in Big Data. CloudU have launched MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Big Data. You can earn certification for free at the end of the course. Check this blog post for more information.

To register and get started with course check out this link.

Writing about some cool Opensource tool after a long time ...

This one is highly technical post mainly targeted to Data Professionals.

There are many famous leaders in data integrations like Informatica, IBM and few more ... However talend is opensource one. It gives you full access to code. Talend Open Studio is the most open, innovative and powerful data integration solution on the market today.

Talend is the first provider of open source data integration software. Its main product is Talend Open Studio. Talend Open Studio is a powerful and versatile set of open source products for developing, testing, deploying and administrating data management and application integration projects.More over Talend open studio is completely free to Download and Use (For more advanced features you can also opt for enterprise edition which is chargeable).

There are several variants of Talent Open Studio is available catering your needs. For more info check this page.

You can download Talend Open Studio for Data Integration from here.

To get started with Talend: Talend Tutorials
There few more Open Source BI solutions. Might explore in future posts.

ScreenToGIF is an handy tool to capture your desktop screen movement into GIF images.

The tool is a portable open source tool with very simple easy to use user interface. You can download the tool from here.

Usage is very simple. Extract the downloaded zip file and you will find an exe file in side extracted folder named ScreenToGif 1.0.exe. Execute this file and you will find a window frame on your screen. (See image below)

Adjust this frame to the screen area which you want to capture and press Record button. Once recording is started, you will get Pause and Stop buttons.

When you are done recording click Stop. After that you can see preview and also edit frames of GIF. Once you are done you can save GIF image.

This is a sample GIF image I've generated using ScreenToGIF.

I won't go more deeper.You can explore more advanced options of the tool on your own. :P

There are several desktop programs available to record screen. However I've come across a web based tool to record screen. There are few more tools but I found this one more handy.

It allows you record your screen without installing any software on your system.

Steps are as follows:

Are you a fan of Notepad++ ? (Me too ..:P). Here is a cool Notepad++ trick for programmers. You can compile and execute you programs using your favorite editor. How? Let's see. ;)

1) Install and configure JDK:(If you have already installed JDK then skip this step.)

Download and install latest version of JDK from this link if you are not having Java already installed.

Set PATH variable to point to JDK binaries. Check this link.
To check whether PATH is set properly fire 'javac' command in CMD and the output should look like this:

 2) Install Notepad++: (Skip is already having Notepad++)

Download latest version of Notepad++ from here and install it.

This post is with little higher tech hotness. Traditional Database management system are pretty good at handling data using SQL. However is you hve massive amount of data (in Terabytes) then query processing gets very time consuming unless you are having proper hardware and infrastructure. By introducing Big Query Google allows you to process your massive amount data using Google's extremely powerful hardware. Google Big Query allows you to process this large amount of data using SQL like syntax. Of-course they are charge you on usage basis but it eliminates need of purchasing your own hardware.

Know more about Big Query here.

You can access BigQuery by using a browser tool or a command-line tool, or by making calls to the BigQuery REST API using a variety of client libraries such as Java, PHP or Python. There are also a variety of third-party tools that you can use to interact with BigQuery, such as visualizing the data or loading the data.

You can get started with Google BigQuery by following simple steps. Check this link. Google provides free Quota for Big Query project. You can checkout pricing for Big Query here.

Firefox rolled out new update 29.0 with major design changes. It's Firefox's first major design update after around 3 years.

So what's new in the new FF?

Although Firefox people has already explained visible changes very well  in their interactive on-boarding tour, I would like to note them down here.

Uncertain about term BI(Business Intelligence)? Have a look at this wikipedia definition of BI.

Still not clear about BI then don't worry. You don't need to understand BI in order to use Google fusion tables. 

Google Fusion Tables is Google's latest (okay, not that latest ... :P ) experiment on data analysis. It is handy tool to analyze your data and convert that data into meaningful form by generation charts , summaries and maps. These meaningful data makes a lot of sense. Want to learn how to make better sense out of data? Take a look at Google's online course Making sense with Google

To take more closer look at Fusion table please refer this link.

Doubts , queries are most welcome.

Yesterday I posted about Google's courses related to digital analytic. Today I would like to share one more data related course from Google. Making Sense of Data.

Again Google is giving away certificates for this course too. Although course is already started but still certificates are available till 4th April. Even after 4th April course content will be available for learning.

Jump to course:  
Google Analytic Academy provides free online courses to learn Digital Analytic. You can access it from here.

Recently Google has launched second course under Analytic Academy. Google Analytic Platform Principles. In order to receive certificate for the same course you have to register for the same before 27th March,2014. So hurry ... 

Also this one is little advanced level course so it is commanded by Google that before going through this course you may go through first fundamental course Digital Analytics Fundamentals

Recently I wanted to do some Java programming on client's Virtual Machine. As the speed of VM is very slow I was hunting for so
me lightweight development tool. Moreover I needed a portable tool which could be executed without installation as I wasn't having installation right on VM. So I found several lightweight alternatives for Java Development. The list is as follows:
There are many more. I explored few of these tools. Personally I would rate JCreator at the top. But JCreator is not a freeware and also it is available only for windows platforms. Although light version of JCreator is free to use for academic purpose. You can check JCreator licencing information from here.

JCreator Screenshot

As I was looking for a portable tool, I choose DrJava which is portable and also java based so it is platform independent and also freeware and Opensource.

DrJava Start Screen
If you are having more suggestions for Java tools then shoot in comment area... :D

“I have read and agree to the Terms". The biggest lie almost ever netizen says. Generally these terms and services are too lengthy to read so generally we just accept them without reading. But it is very important to read them as our rights online depends on them.

This post is for which aims to fix this problem. rates web services life google, facebook etc. from class A to E based on how well they respect your privacy and some other parameters. It also gives concise, to the point list of terms which is easy to understand.

All you need to do is download and install a browser plugin of from here . Once you have added plugin, you will start getting ratting of currently opened site in on the right end of your address bar like this.

A link for detailed terms and conditions is also provided at the end of summary.

You can contribute to review site at this google group:!forum/tosdr   

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