Recently I wanted to do some Java programming on client's Virtual Machine. As the speed of VM is very slow I was hunting for so
me lightweight development tool. Moreover I needed a portable tool which could be executed without installation as I wasn't having installation right on VM. So I found several lightweight alternatives for Java Development. The list is as follows:
There are many more. I explored few of these tools. Personally I would rate JCreator at the top. But JCreator is not a freeware and also it is available only for windows platforms. Although light version of JCreator is free to use for academic purpose. You can check JCreator licencing information from here.

JCreator Screenshot

As I was looking for a portable tool, I choose DrJava which is portable and also java based so it is platform independent and also freeware and Opensource.

DrJava Start Screen
If you are having more suggestions for Java tools then shoot in comment area... :D

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