While surfing through web few days ago I came across this unique web-app for productivity, Dropcue. It is actually yet another task management application, however it give a unique way to do the same. As their tagline says "let's just drop a message...for everything!", you need to drop a message with some annotations, hash tags for your tasks, calendar, to-dos.

For example: "Take medicine @Everyday at evening remindbefore 15minutes . #health".

As you can see that in a single line message we have mentioned event time(@Everyday), reminder (remindbefore 15minutes) and task category (#health). Unlike conventional task applications like Wunderlist, you don't need to navigate thru several UI elements in order to set all above details.

It also allows you to created groups/teams and manage team tasks.

Ex: "Ok team , let's meet @Everyweek for code review. #codeReview."

It can be also integrated with Google calendar for email/SMS notifications.

If you found above brief details interesting then can check out this application at www.dropcue.com.

Do comment your opinions. It's free ... :D

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